Most of new players of Blade & Soul feel difficult to earn money when start the game, we have some tips here for beginners. Wish can help you to solve problem.

1. All items remark gray debris are of no use, you can click sold in stores selling disposable debris.

2. It's useless for the white, green gossip cards, if u got it ,can throw it in the shops for sale directly .

Brass, and other materials are useful in deputy class, if you do not want to learn it or the materials is not usefull on your deputy class, you can throw the store or auction house for sale to earn Blade & Soul Gold.

3. If you got drugs from Summoner, you can put it on sale from shop for money

4. At the beginning when playing the game ,quests reward is the best,after all the main and branch quests done . then do daily tasks, you can get a lot of extra money.

5. If it's not too difficult to fight with monsters, fight with them and put the equips aside.

6. It's spend less when u fed dog of ur lower lvl, it’s not a big different experience between 11 lvl and 16 lvl of dog food so if you want to feed certainly choose the former. The latter threw store it for sale to get balde and soul gold.

7. Wild Boss (such as All Souls Zombie) will drop essence after being killed. Essence can be used in roulette to exchange trigram weapons and doboks.

8. You can do daily quests to get Poison Dragon ,arms breakthrough and evolution required it. Play a few more of these advanced Dungeons and a Dungeons of the hero, not only to meet their own needs, you can also hang out more in the auction house to sell for some BNS Gold.

9. Do daily tasks, mail, commission deputy job when you can remotely receive, but the remote receiver to fees (need money to raise pigeons ). So if u do not have that much money better go to NPC after you done the quests,then u can get some rewards, and save lots of money

10. General speaking, purple items are very valuable, it’s better trade in action house. the auction optimized of Blade&soul, if u do not know the worth of the items, you can open the auction house, hold down ctrl and then click on the item, the item will be added to all current prices. U will see "auction" and "Buy Now" please do not sell Precious items on shop.